Dream Big

This is for you if you've always had the wish to do "something more", but somehow, obstacles have always seemed to stand in your way. Perhaps others, or perhaps even yourself. 

I'm here to tell you that you can take that vague, impossible dream and begin to shape it into actionable steps and reachable goals, and equip you to get started on the way to fulfillment and freedom. 

Join me for three highly transformative days! It may be a challenge, but bringing your big dream into reality is worth it all! 

I will be guiding you through three days of taking your story from "something that happened in my life" to "now I can run with this big dream." 

This challenge is: 

  • not a "three day get rich quick" scheme
  • not a comprehensive business plan
  • not for those who want to just play it safe

But it is, however:

  • a place to be equipped to pursue your Big Dreams
  • a place to pick up your tools and begin the building process
  • a place to find community with others who want to make a BIG difference, too!

You will have access to daily Zoom videos, practical worksheets, and homework that really helps-not just keeping you busy! 

By the end of this challenge, you will find yourself both excited that you finally have what you've been missing to really go after your dreams-and, confidence in yourself to go for them! 

Take only three days at the start of this new year to be able to make this year your most effective and personally satisfying one yet!

5 Modules


Welcome to the 'Dream Big' Challenge. 

I am so excited to have you as part of this challenge and to support you to take the next steps with the dreams you have for 2023. 

Please look around and get comfortable with the online platform and what's available for you to get started with!

Day 1

Welcome to day 1 of the Dream Big challenge. 

Your first zoom call will be live in the group at 10am GMT. 

If you can't watch live please do watch the replay and comment along as you are watching so that I can support you with any questions you may have. 

Day 2

Here is day 2 of your challenge. You will find the link to the recorded zoom call. 

Make sure to stay accountable in the Facebook group, sharing your takeaways and your homework. 

See you in the group!

Day 3

Day 3's message! Whoo-hoo! Good job sticking with it all the way to day 3! Today is so exciting, we get to go live together and really get the tools and "materials" you'll need for the journey ahead! I can't wait!

Bonus day

Today myself and Joanna Bischoff will take you through our bonus to you.  

Make sure you come into the Facebook group for 8pm GMT, where we will talk about how to write your dreams on paper and give you the confidence to start sharing your dreams with the world!

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