Teen Accountability Program

What is  the Teen Accountability Subscription, again?

This is a subscription allowing your child to have a safe space with not only a qualified coach, but with their peers. They'll have guidance to learn how to study, take responsibility for their study and much more in a non-judgmental space, sharing their accountability each week!

  • If you've been longing to help your child with their GCSE
  • If you know they need outside help but struggle with the right place to get the right help
  • If you know that now is the time to not only help them with their studies and exams but get them started on a successful future with key personal success factors that will help them in both their professional and personal lives...

...if you think it's worth it to give it a try for less than it takes to eat take out once a month (or get the family a round of mochas!), then please don't hesitate to subscribe! I can help your child succeed in this important confidence-building area of their lives!

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Welcome to Teen Accountability Program! I am so honored that you've chosen to entrust your teen's accountability to me. Let's get started with the pertinent info you'll need before your teen's first call!

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